Wear Gladiator Sandals

Wear Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are all the hottest rage. It is important, however, to learn to wear them in the right way. They come in three different basic styles. You will want at least one pair of each style in your wardrobe this year.
Ankle-High Gladiator Sandals
These sandals are the easiest to wear. Pair them with a cute short outfit and you have a great outfit for hanging out at the beach or for a casual dinner with friends. Gold sandals look particularly flattering with evening gowns.

Pair a cute cocktail dress with a pair of these flat sandals and you will be the talk of the party while remaining ultra-comfortable. When buying ankle sandals, consider the different options in straps. Those with the simplest straps look great on women with short legs while those with lots of detail help to show off longer legs.

Mid-Calf Gladiator Sandals
Ladies with long legs look great in mid-calf sandals. If you are not quite so happy with your legs, then consider sandals with a strip of leather running up the front center helping to make you look taller. If your legs are thin, then consider buying sandals with thinner straps and less detail so that they do not swamp your legs. These gladiator sandals from here look particularly great when paired with a Bohemian skirt or even a simple A-line skirt.
Knee-High Gladiator Sandals
These sandals look great when paired with a bold abstract printed dress as they can really make the color pop. Wearing black sandals with your favorite summer outfit helps to draw attention to your outfit. Make a fashion statement by pairing them with your favorite summer white dress.

White Sandals

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